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E-Lux Shisha is a well established UK based company that design and manufactures its own luxurious electronic shisha and e-liquids, using the very best technology and ingredient on the market.
Well known in the hospitality industry, E-Lux Shisha is distributed many venues and has already made few thousands of happy customers around the UK.
E-Lux Shisha goal is to provide the best and realistic experience whilst offering a healthier and more enjoyable experience than traditional tobacco. 
Thanks to its innovation and investment into new technology E-Lux Shisha is
well known instate of the art technology imitating the sensation of smoking a shisha pipe, with the ease of smoking a cigarette. 
Its marvellous design combined with the intensity of its e-flavour and amount of smoke produced make E-Lux Shisha a unique product offering an incomparable smoking experience.




E-Lux Shisha

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