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THE client

Probus is an international wealth management company based in Geneva. We were tasked to design and build a website explaining what the company does and showcase their international presence. Probus has a number of locations around the world from Dubai, Monaco, Bangkok and Moscow. The main feature of the website is the funds section, which has rapidly increased with the re-design.


Our main focus was to showcase the different services offered by Probus as well as the geographical location of their offices. The design team curated the home page in a clean and modern way displaying the different cities in which Probus operates. The funds section required particular attention as a result of the legislation regulation. 

Would you like to see it live? Click on the link below to visit the website:





Sweet P Social

Introducing Sweet P Social, a tech platform revolutionising the way brands connect with content creators through concept ideation, brand development and a seamless payment system taking the hassle out of unpaid invoices.

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