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Solvita’s focus is to make a deliciously tasting and ethically sourced olive oil. They grow and harvest the best olives from Spain. In order to maintain the quality and taste of their olive oil they teamed up with Tetrapak to come up with the most efficient container to store and sell olive oil. We were tasked to design a website with an e-commerce section that has a big emphasis on the benefit of using Tetrapak packaging.




Enviromentally friendly olive oil

Social Media

The objective was to curate an Instagram feed focused around the olive oil and it's unique manufacturing process. We integrated recipes within the feed in an effort to increase engagement and provide value to potential viewers. 


Our main focus was to educate the user about the benefits of using ecologically friendly organic oil as well as the properties of Tetrapak packaging. We used various graphical elements as well as 3D animation to showcase the unique packaging and conservation qualities.

3D  Animation